What I would do with my time…

what would you do

I get a lot of texts from scammers. Actually, I get a lot of texts from everyone. My phone number seems to have had quite the history!

No joke, I get booty-calls from Alaska, bosses making amends for past sexual misconduct. The variety is truly stunning.

Today I got a text simply asking me “If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do with your time?”

For a few seconds I wondered if I just didn’t have someone’s number saved. But my road-weary paranoia eventually took over and I realized it was likely the precursor to “You can make millions just sitting on your La-Z-Boy!”

But I couldn’t resist this line of inquiry. And scammers are people too. I like people.

So I thought about it and wrote back.

“I would spend half of my time using my powers to help people who are suffering, and half of my time being truly present and devoted to my son and wife.”

Grammatical troubles aside, this question is like a powerful focusing lens. It really made me think.