Walking around Bangkok

Spent the day in Bangkok. I remembered to bring the camera, but not the memory card – so all of these photos are from my phone.

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We are staying in the red light district, which happens to be just down the street from the Red Cross venemous snake bite research center, which exhibits snakes during the day. They showed is a ton of cool snakes, and Aly got to hold the biggest one.

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After walking around the snake farm for a while, we walked to MBK Center and had lunch/dinner at a very sparkly Thai style buffet restaurant. For 349 baht each, you can have all the sushi you want, plus a personal “hot pot” soup broth constantly boiling in front of you and raw ingredients that go around on a sushi-boat style belt to cook in your broth and immediately eat.

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Aly ate lots of sushi, I mostly ate squid, mushrooms, Thai green vegetables of various sorts, and of course, kimchi.

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After the restaurant we played the most amazing Thai videogames at the arcade. We played an air hockey game that spits lots of tiny pucks out at random times, a downright spooky 3D zombie-killing game (with insane speakers, rumbling seats, and puffs of air to make it seem more real) and I beat Aly twice at the basketball hoop shooting game.

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Before we left the mall, we stopped at Jimmy Wong’s tatto studio so I could get “ton ni” in Thai letterinyvon my left hand where my watch would if I had one. These characters directly translate to “right now”. My intensiom with this small tattoo is to rember to me to always remember to mindful and stay in the present. Jimmy tattooed Kate Moss – who Aly tells me is a famous person – and is very fast and very good. The tattoo is amazing. I absolutely love it.

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We came back to our hostel in the red light district after this to get ready to head back out for the night to dance. We’ve been craving a good nightclub experience after hanging out with our awesome French friends in Chiang Mai, and though it was hard to find a club that wasn’t just a venue for prostitution, our research paid off, and we found GLOW club. They focus on house music, and everyone tonight was so serious about feeling the music and dancing, it was an incredible time. We danced so hard, for more than 3 hours straight. I can barely keep my eyes open.

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Tomorrow I think we’ll head down to Chonburi, an hour or so South, in search of monkeys. Wish us luck ?