Things 3

My first task management application was the one built in to my trusty Palm Pilot.

It was barebones, but powerful in its simplicity. I could add tasks, reorder them, and categorize them into different lists. As a young ADHD brain, the ability to always have this list with me was life-changing.

I have used quite literally hundreds of task management applications and methods since this first introduction. By far the best I’ve ever used is Things 3, a mac-only task manager by Cultured Code.

Screen Shot 2021 12 05 at 9.28.54 AM

The biggest “feature” of this app is the design. It is just beautiful. As it is the app I interact with most, and is often nagging me with things throughout the day, it needs to have a nice interface.

There are more powerful applications than this one when it comes to getting granular with task and project details, but in this case the simplicity feels purposeful. This app has a distinct point of view.

Helpful features I recommend are the “Quick Add” capabilities, powerful recurring task/project functions, and carefully thought-out keyboard shortcuts.

Give it a try and see if it is a match for your workflow. If you would like help setting things up, let me know.