Flying to the Bay

The power was out last night again when we went to sleep. It was frustrating, as power comes in pretty handy when packing for a trip, but we made it work.

img 3240

When we woke up, the power was on. My dad arrived to bring us to the airport at 5:30am. We made him wait for at least 15 minutes while we got all our last minute stuff done.

img 3415

We finally made it to the Kahului airport. It has changed so little since I was Phoenix’s age. The line for security was almost non-existent, but the even shorter Starbucks line was an even more welcome sight.

img 3417

Flying with Phoenix can be kind of rough sometimes, but it is really cool to re-experience air travel at different ages and maturity levels.

img 3440
img 3442

I already miss my home office, my bed, Makawao town. We’ll be away for almost a month. It feels like a long time.

img 3453
img 3457

The plane right went really fast. Phoenix wouldn’t stop kicking the seat of the girl in front of him. She was nice about it and…he’s a kid.

img 3463

I continued reading “The Secret of Selling Anything” by Harry Brown on my Kindle.

Aly read her book that’s made out of paper.

Phoenix watched Paw Patrol on the iPad. After a while I switched to watching downloaded YouTube videos and actually focused. I learned a lot.

img 3469

Just before they announced our descent into Oakland, Phoenix and I fired up the Nintendo Switch and played some pretty solid rounds of Super Smash Bros.

Landing was awesome. Phoenix was so excited!

imb goz3d7

He was less excited about waiting for our baggage.

And now we’re in the car heading to Lisa and Jack’s house. It feels like we’ve been driving for days already and we’re not even halfway there!

imb kqqvos 1

I’m such a wimp these days after living on our little island.

Ready to enjoy a starry, foggy, Bay Area evening in the hot tub.