We went shopping today in downtown Walnut Creek, CA. It was very busy but super fun.

Aly’s aunt Cami told us about this huge 80+ person robbery which just happened there at Nordstrom. Apparently it has been happening with regularity at upscale department stores in affluent areas.

img 3615

Apparently they surround the buildings with their cars and storm the place from every entrance. I immediately had this image of a massive robbery being orchestrated online. There’s no way all the people on that massive text thread knew every number. Most of them were strangers I bet; making it basically a flashmob of crime. A “flashrob.”

EDIT: I am a classic fool. I was certain I had invented the phrase “flashrob” today. Oh how naive I was. Turns out it’s a pretty common phrase.

Anyways. Phoenix got to go in this sweet 1 seater car on display today.

img 3579
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Aly got some quality time in with her aunt, and Lisa, Phoenix and I ate at Chipotle and it was heavenly.

Phoenix can be kind of unmanageable in department stores. We’ve lost him twice, each time in one of those gigantic places. Now I don’t let the crafty little man out of my sight.

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I bought him a snowman cookie at Starbucks but he took it out of the wrapper and said “I’m not going to eat it. It’s too beautiful.

img 3591

I can’t go any further without mentioning how RIDICULOUSLY stunning my wife Aly looked today.

img 3568

I find a new aspect of beauty in this woman every bloody day.

img 3602 1
img 3575

Otherwise we’ve been chilling. I’ve been getting work done. Phoenix and Aly’s mom Lisa are getting lots of sweet time together.

img 3538

Kiddo and I have been hitting the hot tub once a day too 🤘.

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And tonight, we had the supreme pleasure of dinner at my godmother’s cute little house. It was the best.

img 3613

Goodnight 💤😘. Sleep tight.