Find Your Ideal Customer Questionnaire

Let's Identify Your Ideal Market
If you had to choose, which gender identification tends to respond best to your product/service/content?
Based on your current offerings and business, would our marketing efforts best be spent finding customers mostly within the U.S., or international?
What sort of "voice" would the ideal potential customer use when describing the need they are looking to solve? What tone would they likely respond to best?
NOTE: This probably will not be the name of your business, or the way you would describe your business if you were talking about it at a party. Instead, think: what would your ideal customer be wanting to solve/do/get assistance with when what they really need is your product/service?
Select 1-3 of the top motivations which are likely to direct your ideal customer to make a purchase:
What are 1-3 key terms your ideal customer might use to describe themselves, even if only in their own minds?
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