Phoenix’s School Photo: Age 4

I grumble about the cost of school photos every year, but I always end up feeling like I would have paid double to have a photo of our kiddo at regular milestones taken by someone other than us.

And oh my goodness…what a photo. ❤️

How my son learned to swim.

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It’s important to learn to swim if you live on an island.

Phoenix has always loved the ocean, but he has always been a little sucubus, not letting go of one of us at any time he’s in the water.

Though Aly was an Olympic level swimmer, teaching one’s own child to swim can be a nearly impossible task.

Thankfully here on Maui, we have Hoku.

Hoku is a Molokai native who stumbled into teaching kids to swim when he discovered his own natural abilities.

Hoku teaches kids one-on-one, and only has them in the pool for 10 minutes a day, 10 days in a row.

Within the 10 day intensive, he guarantees to get your kid swimming, or your money back. He had our kid swimming…legit swimming, within 3 sessions.

Phoenix hated every one of those minutes the first two days. He clawed at Hoku as he was thrust towards the edge of the pool and made to literally sink or swim.

But somewhere on the third day, he started to like it. Then he started to love it. Then by day 6 he couldn’t talk about anything besides those 10 minutes of swimming in a rented residential Wailuku pool.

Yesterday Phoenix graduated from the program. We now have learned exercises to keep him learning, and he can swim nearly the entire length of the pool by himself.

I’m so grateful to “Swim with Hoku” for being so damn good at what he does. The entire process has been a true reminder of the power of coaching.

Paw Patrol Movie!

Phoenix loves Paw Patrol. Who am I kidding…I love it too.

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This was Phoenix’ first real movie he actually wanted to watch. We tried Space Jam a few months ago, but there was too much live action for him to stay engaged.

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