Legal Writing L(a)unch

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My longest-running client Bev Meyers, founder of Legal Writing Launch, came to Maui from San Francisco for a visit over the weekend. For two virtual companies, an in-person staff meeting was a treat!

We had lunch at Moku Roots, the island’s finest vegan restaurant. It has been pouring rain island-wide for days, but it let up just enough we were able to share a delicious meal outside.

I am truly grateful to be able to call every one of my clients a friend. Bev, however, will always be family.

Halloween 2021

I love halloween. There’s something about dressing up that brings out parts of my personality otherwise hidden away.

This year, none of us could decide on our costumes. Phoenix wanted to be an astronaut, then Mario, then a cat.

In the end, Aly and Phoenix both ended up being space-cats, and I was an alien.

IMG 2742

Phoenix was truly patient as Aly got his makeup done.

IMG 2752
IMG 2769
IMG 2772

All the costume hunting/figuring out made us hungry. Aly said she was craving Costco pizza, and that’s what we got. We almost never eat dairy, but for days like Halloween, we just let ourselves be terrible vegans for the day.

IMG 2779

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been trick-or-treating in the Kula Kai neighborhood here on Maui. It’s an affluent neighborhood with mostly older residents, and everyone gets into Halloween in a MAJOR way.

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IMG 2839

Our friends Melissa, Peter, and their son Will came and met up with us. Will and Melissa were dragons, and Peter was Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.

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The sunset was mind-blowing. It was just such a fun, wholesome time. These are the good old days.

Bill’s bowling birthday

It’s Aly’s dad’s birthday today!

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We celebrated by going bowling in Berkeley.

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The crew consisted of: Bill (Aly’s Dad), Buffy (Aly’s dad’s girlfriend), Clayton (Aly’s brother), and us.

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It wasn’t easy to find vegan food at the bowling alley, but we made it work!

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I am not good at bowling. And that’s a fact.

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