Tasks: P1

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Update all Wordpress installs Dev HQ


Everything is organized 👍

Tasks: P1

Write annual membership email and send to Argon white email
Create “launch plan” page white link
Update business card design for Moo

* Website: PhoenixRisingEP.org
* Email: info@PhoenixRisingEP.org
* Instagram: @phoenixrisingep
* Facebook icon Twitter account

Send invoice to Vyana
Email Ariel with potential dates for working together and hangin white link white email
Create PREP and champion stickers on Zazzle
Make Moo account for Vyana and email her credentials w/ biz card white email
Go through menu for pages need to make

On PREP project. See which ones I’m actually able to make now.

Rename event room “Reflections and Deepening discussions”

On Sanctuary forum as per Ariel’s request.

See what is up with search for the forum

Then reply to Argon with findings