Task Logbook

Make “trainings” coming soon page and make link clickable

On “Share Your Story” page item 3 at bottom

Make asterisk text bigger on “share your story” page
Add “we will soon” language to the beginning of “find support”

Beginning of module on homepage.

Make public database button open in new window on database
Make closed header titles bolder on homepage accordion
Make gift shop navigation big buttons instead of links
Change “For Our Loved Ones” to top of Shop page
Make accordion on homepage all closed to start
Add this language to the shop page

For supporters; Inspire yourself and others to rise above.

Add Champion’s language to the store

For champions; Honor the champions in your life with a gift of gratitude for the difference they make.

“What is a champion?“ link/button to page

Put logo in shared drive
Add CTA on “Share My Story” page

1. We recommend journaling your story now so you don’t forget the details when you come back later (keep it safe)
2. We’ll contact you when we’re up and running (input box for email address -> separate mailchimp list)

Change copy on Public Database page

“We collate as much public information as possible into one searchable database to identify sexual offenses, **ALLEGED** offenders, patterns and impact.”

“The government-run sex offender registries include ONLY the 1% that are actually convicted ** and provide very limited information about the assailant’s patterns and practices.”

Bill Cosby, for example, is not listed on the national registry of sex offenders, **BUT HE HAS FACED SEVERAL CIVIL CLAIMS**. STRIKE -> although he was initially convicted but later released.

By using our database, the public will be able to find all **OF** the **ALREADY PUBLIC INFORMATION** compiled **STRIKE: information** in one place.

Make email capture form when CTA clicked on share your story white email
Put this image at top of about us page
Reply to Ariel’s email white email
white pencil
Strike “Volunteer Coordinator” from volunteer submeter
Remove “Database” submenu items in nav
Move lower modules on public database page

Move “How Do we Protect” and “What if list is used” down below main content container so it doesn’t stand out.

Strike period at the end of database page subheading

The Public Database of Alleged Sexual Offenses(.)←STRIKE

Add newsletter signup to database page
Make public database button bigger on page
Remove pink top border from shop page
Add this language to the “for your loved ones” area of the shop

A selection of the perfect offerings to support yourself or those you love.

Make PREP twitter account