A perfect walk in Olinda Forest

Yesterday to cap off a full and wonderful week, we decided to head to Olinda Forest. This was one of my favorite field trip locations when I was a kid. It was fun to come here with friends. It has a big forest feel, with lots of room to run and explore.

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I used to see fairies and gnomes here when I still had a child’s ability to perceive them.

It was a little bit of a challenge to hike comfortably for, as I destroyed my toe the other day trying to move a piece of furniture, and have yet to fully heal.

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Aly and Phoenix wanted to walk all the way down the Waihou Spring Trail to visit these super cool caves embedded into a cliff face at the bottom. Unfortunately my toe was already screaming at me. I collapsed into the soft piles of fallen leaves to listen to the birds and close my eyes.

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It’s a rarer and rarer thing to find myself alone in nature with nothing to occupy my mind. It felt great to be present.

Aly carried Phoenix aaaaaall the way back up the hill to where I had dropped off. By the time they made it back Aly was glistening with sweat. She looked absolutely stunning.

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The light was perfect on the way back to the car. Aly and I kept looking at each other in wonder. Maui is the best place to live. We are ridiculously grateful.

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BONUS: Check out this sweet video of Phoenix singing a song on a stump. Our hearts exploded.